Frequently Asked Questions

Vintage Delivery

Q.How do I establish an account?

A. You can call an account representative directly at 212.594.3001 or you can fill out our on line application.

Q.Can I open an account on line?

A. That area of our website is currently under development, and will be available soon. For information, call us at 212.594.3001. Please check back again.

Q.Do I need special software to access my account?

A. No. All you need is Internet access.

Q.How do I add users to my existing account?

A. You must know your account number and fill out the new user form. We will then verify with you that the individual is authorized to use the account or you can speak with an account representative and we will process it for you.

Q.Can I access information about my account online?

A. Yes. Once logged in you have access to all your order information for the last six months.

Q.Can I set up an “address book” with most common shipping addresses?

A. Yes. Just log in, click on address book and your personal address book will come up. You can then enter new entries or edit existing ones.

Q.Do I get a discount for placing an order online?

A. Discounts are available for volume users. Please call 212.594.3001 to discuss.

Q.Can I place an order with a phone call?

A. Yes. Call 212.594.3001 and our customer service representatives will be happy to process your order.

Q.How do I track a package?

Just click track and enter the tracking number you received when placing your order. You can also call our customer service number at 212.594.3001 and we will be happy to track the package for you.

Q.How long does it take for a package to get delivered?

A. We offer foot messenger, bike messenger, van and truck delivery service. Each can be requested for standard or rush delivery. 

Q.Our Messenger Delivery Service.

A. Our standard courier service includes pick up and delivery within 90 minutes of order within zone. Please allow an additional 15 minutes for additional zones.

Our Rush delivery service guarantees 45-minute delivery from time of order to delivery within zone. Please allow an additional 10 minutes for each additional zone.

Q.Our Vehicle Service.

A. LightSpeed can handle your larger deliveries through our fleet of vehicles. We have the right vehicle and right equipment for whatever you require.

Our standard van delivery service provides includes pick up and delivery within 120 minutes of order within zone. Please allow an additional 20 minutes for additional zones.

Our rush delivery service guarantees 90-minute delivery from time of order to delivery within zone. Please allow an additional 15 minutes for each additional zone.

Q.Can I change the destination choice of my package once it has been picked up?

A. Any changes to orders already in progress must be requested through customer service at 212.594.3001

Q.How much does it cost to have a package picked up and delivered

A. Please call 212.594.3001 to request our “published” rates. Discounts apply for regular and high volume users. Call for more information.

Q.Do all packages cost the same to deliver?

A. No. We offer different service levels and have different prices depending what is being delivered. Please call for more information.

Q.Can I get a price quote online?

A. Yes however, the quoted rates will not include charges for unexpected occurrences such as waiting time or incorrect addresses.

Q.What kinds of items will you pickup and deliver?

A. We will pickup and deliver most items with the exception of hazardous materials and other restricted items.

Q.Do you ship to locations outside of NYC?

A. We can deliver your package to anywhere in the world through our partner network.

Q.How much do shipments outside NYC cost?

A. Costs vary based on destination, service level required and size and weight of the shipment. Please call 212.594.3001 for a quote.