About Us

The founders and owners of LightSpeed Express Delivery Systems would like to introduce the LightSpeed difference. By combining years of experience in owning and operating courier companies in both the private and public sector, along with the full utilization of available technology, we have created a delivery service providing the highest level of courier services at competitive prices.

The LightSpeed Difference is our 100% commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our company takes full advantage of recent technology advances by using the Internet and two-way mobile data to empower our clients to manage all aspects of their accounts, from account creation to delivery confirmation. Online order tracking will include time dispatched, acknowledgment by the courier, pick up and delivery, including a POD signature, all provided in real time. This information, as well as many additional online reporting capabilities, is available whether you order via the Internet or by phone with our customer service representatives. As an additional part of the LightSpeed Difference, we will provide free insurance coverage for up to $250 a delivery while most other companies provide between $50 and $100.

We understand the importance of representing you and your company. We stand behind our commitments using a workforce of reliable couriers who are uniformed and professional.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

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